overlord season 4, will Aniz kills Gazef in this season?

Overlord is an anime series which is got instant popularity and since then has not failed to amaze its fans with its dark fantasy world. The show is based on novel of the same name. The novel is originally written by Kurane Muaryama. The television series is produced by Madhouse and directed by Naoyuki.


This is one of those shows which has got Netflix its popularity and is loved by audience world wide . After seeing such a huge response from the audience the makers decided to come up with the fourth season of the show.


The release date of the show has not been revealed but one thing can be assured that the season might release in the late 2020 or early 2021. We can’t really expect it before that since the show is based on the novel and the novel’s huge chunk ended in the third season. In order to come up with the 4th season the makers will have to make and gather content. This process truly takes time and I believe that the fourth season will be better than the third season. The show has always held up its head and the same is expected this time as well.


In the season 4 of the series the viewers will see the hero facing difficulties managing his newly made kingdom the Sorcerer Kingdom. He is also going to overcome his weakness as policy maker and change his daily schedule of adventure. In this season he will not only be limited to go after the monsters. The new season is expected to improve the enthusiasm and interest of the viewers in multiple ways.

At Overlord’s Season, watchers get a recurrence of the Great Tomb of Nazarick’s rush. Overlord Season 4 will bring double the encounter and thrice the action to abridge.

The voiceovers for the show are expected to remain the same. though there could be some new additions to it. The original cast includes Manami Numakura for Narberal Gamma, Sumire Uesaka for Shalltear Bloodfallen, Yumi Hara for Albedo, Satoshi Hino for Momonga, Satoshi Hino for Momonga.

There has been no trailer release for the show as of now but we can expect it sometime before the release of the series.


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