Overwatch is removing Hero Pools from competitive play indefinitely, Blizzard announced.

Overwatch has removed the Hero Pools from its competitive play effective as soon as, Blizzard revealed that in a new forum post. As explained by Blizzard that change is indefinite, meaning that it’ll be removed in the coming future. But no official dates have been announced for the re-implementation.


The community manager, Molly Fender says that they have been listening to the feedbacks and were continually iterating on the feature in behind the scenes. Initailly they have implemented the Hero Pools in order to address the problems that were stagnating the metas and just to keep the match-ups more exciting and new. They fund that the introduction of the Experimental Card and increase in the hero balance updates has helped them to work for a healthy, changing meta in the Competitive Play without even requiring to disable the heroes.



An array of heroes was removed because of the Hero Pools from the competitive play that takes place every week to prevent the metas from taking the control for the extended time period.

This change definitely affects the Overwatch League. The league starts on 13th June that will make use of a Single Hero Pool for the starting two weeks of the tournament cycle, but they will not be used at all for the week before each tournament or while the bracket play goes on.

The Hero Pools was a three-month experiment in Overwatch which started in the month of March. This however didn’t work and Blizzard had to admit it and thus removed it.

The Season 22 competitive play will end soon after three weeks.


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