Ozark Season 4: When will filming start on series 4? Stars shares updates

Ozark Season 4: Netflix Original series, Ozark is one of those thrilling series that has been trending since the first season of the show aired. Ozark always is in Netflix’s top 10 because of its intriguing storyline that keeps the audience engaged throughout the show. Fans have been waiting for season 4 of the show for quite some time now. The third installment ended on a cliffhanger leaving the audience craving for more and find answers to the questions season 3 left with. So, read below to know the latest information about Ozark Season 4.


When will the filming of season 4 of the series begin?

Netflix renewed season 4 earlier this year. This news left fans elated about the arrival of the upcoming edition. On Ozark’s twitter page, Netflix tweeted saying, “They’re going to go out with a bang”. The director of the show, Jason Bateman said, “A super-sized season means super-sized problems for the Byrdes. I’m excited to end with a bang. The anticipated season will bring an end to the plot of the story. It will have a total of 14 episodes than the usual 10. But because of the ongoing Wuhan emerged coronavirus pandemic capturing the whole planet currently, the production couldn’t commence the filming.

Ozark Season 4

Well, finally the end is over as in a recent interview with Indiewire, the director of the show hinted about the beginning of shoot for the show. He told the publication, “We are going to start with November 9”. The actor also adds that the crew will be following all necessary guidelines and protocols for filming.

The production reported of ensuring the safety of the ‘Ozark’ family to be of utmost importance. So they don’t want to speed up things that would comprise the safety issues of the cast and the crew. But keeping our fingers crossed let’s hope that season 4 would start will land soon expecting that the filming begins in November as per the director of the show.


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