Paris Hilton opened up about her abusive past relationships: ‘I was strangled, I was hit.’


Paris Hilton: She has confessed that she was stuck in many abusive relationships. She said that she was strangled and hate by her ex.


In an interview with People, while promoting her upcoming documentary, she said she was stuck, hit, and grabbed aggressively. She also told that she was put up with such things that no one should. After burying these truths for so long, she finally confesses about all her abusive relationship.


From her teenager to date, these experiences gave her nightmares and miseries. She said that these traumatic experiences are with me from my teenage years. Paris is a young entrepreneur and socialite, reveal the traumatic experience of mental and physical abuse.

Hilton about her ex

Paris Hilton said in the interview that all her exes seem nice and friendly, but in the end, you could see the true colours coming. And it’s not easy to come up with all those traumatic experiences.

She continues saying that all those were very defensive, very jealous, and try to control her. And there was a point when this jealousy turns into mental, physical, and emotional abuse. She interpreted the crazy behaviour of all the guys she has been.

She said that this Crazy behaviour is in the form that they say is genuine love for them. But for her, it was nothing then emotional trauma. She also said that in the interview that she feels shame and kind of regret that how people used to treat her.

Paris and Carter Reum

She said that now she is in a relationship with an entrepreneur Carter Reum. It’s been the ninth month of them dating, and Paris now feels healthy and safe in this relationship. All her last toxic relationship taught her a lot. She said that she is very grateful to find what she deserves and found a perfect match. They both look adorable together and totally are soulmate.

Paris Hilton

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