Pathfinder: Kingmaker is heading to PS4 and Xbox One along with one other major update


Owlcat today announced on 11th June that Pathfinder: Kingmaker—Definitive Edition, the console port of the first crowd-funded Pathfinder RPG.


The game will be launched on PS4 and Xbox One on 18th August and it will consist of six DLC out of the box, Beneath the Stolen Lands, The Wildcards, Varnhold’s Lot, Arcane Unleashed, Bloody Mess and Royal Ascension.


The announcement trailer from Deep Silver, the publisher of the game:

The description of the PC version that will be available on Steam.(Pathfinder: Kingmaker )

The game consists of the Stolen Lands, a place that has been tried to be won for centuries. Several kingdoms rose and fell down in these territories and now it’s the time for you to leave your marks by constructing a kingdom of your own. You will have to make survival through the harsh wilderness and the threat from the rival territories along with the threat within your own kingdom.

You will be allowed to customize your own character with a huge collection of classes and powers, including specialized archetypes, powerful arcane and divine spells. You will have to choose from a good range of class abilities, skills and feats.

Pathfinder will let the players to make heroes or villains that will be adjusted for both the individual gameplay styles and their personalities.

“Explore- Conquer- Rule!”

You can read more details of the game on the Steam page of Pathfinder.


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