Pawn Stars Season 18 Episode 20 Release Date And Everything You Need To Know

Pawn Stars

Pawn Stars Season 18 Episode 20 promises to be a trip back in time to the Hard Rock period. As a result, you elevate the rock and prepare to headbang. Aside from that, Corey is attempting to upgrade one of his vehicles, and Chum runs into several well-known cartoon characters.


Pawn Stars


This upcoming piece of musical history isn’t the only thing to enter Pawn Shop. Throughout the length of the event, several artifacts from the history of music were present. Similarly, a Fender Amp showed up at the door lately.

Pawn Stars Season 18 Recap Of Past Few Episodes

A signed golf glove by Jack Nicklaus was recently featured on Pawn Stars. The owner was hoping to get $700 for it. She requested the legend himself for it, and he gave it to her. Steve was invited to inspect the glove by Chumlee. The glove has been authenticated, but its worth has been reduced to $400. On the other hand, Corey tried his luck with a G.I. Joe Tomahawk helicopter toy.

The legendary toy is being sold for $5000, but expert Steve Johnston estimates it is worth $1500. From now on, the deal will be revoked.
Following that, a Fender Amp Tweed makes an appearance. Roman Guitars’ president, Scott Krell, speculated that it may sell for $3200. The total cost of the transaction was $2750. Finally, Rick and Spencer’s trek to Huntington Beach pays off as they discover vintage military things to purchase.

Following that, a yellow cab hat made its way in the door. Then there was a gumball machine that brought back a lot of memories. In the shape of the world’s first video game console, it was also a component of the gaming business. The correct costs are what can keep these remarkable objects around. Finally, Rick and Chumlee traveled to California to visit a treasure trove of Hollywood artifacts.

A vendor brings in old comic strip characters in the next episode. While the deal was going to go well, the seller’s emotions came into play.
Aside from that, we had an Amelia Earhart book flying in and out of the shop. Which flight narrative has strolled in, and what was the greatest price it had for Rick? When statues of “Romeo and Juliet” appeared in the Pawn Shop, romance was in the air.

The appropriate price for Chumlee appeared to be the only way to preserve this romantic drama. Finally, Rick and Spencer went on a journey to see a unique type of sandrail.

Pawn Stars Season 18 Episode 20 Release Date and Spoilers

Pawn Stars Season 18 Episode 20 will premiere on History Channel at 10 p.m. ET on August 14, 2021. The show is back after a two-month hiatus, with episode 19 airing in May. So, starting on the twenty-first, fresh episodes will air every Saturday until the eighteenth season of Pawn Stars concludes.

You can also watch Pawn Stars Season 18 Episode 20 on the History Channel’s official website, as well as on Amazon Prime, VUDU, iTunes, Google Play Movies and TV, Microsoft, and YouTube TV video-on-demand services.

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Bohemian Pawnsody

“Bohemian Pawnsody” is the title of Pawn Stars Season 18 Episode 20. Musicians and music fans may have already guessed what the episode’s theme will be. So, here’s what’s going on. A seller has arrived with a collection of vintage Hard Rock photographs.

The Rockstars, as well as anything associated with rock music, are always held in high regard. So it’s up to Rick to pluck the appropriate chords. Corey, on the other hand, is anticipating a new Harley-Davidson motorcycle, while Chum plans to shoot enormous Chipmunk statues. Finally, there is a display of Pat Morita artifacts to peruse.

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