Peter Garrett Net Worth: How Much is The Singer Worth Now?

If you’re a fan of rock bands, then you must have heard about Midnight Oil. We are going to talk about its lead singer, Peter Garrett. He has been very famous as went on to get a reputation as an environmentalist. He also served as the Minister of the Environment and Heritage of Arts.


The story of how he became the lead vocalist is pretty interesting. It was revealed that he got the job after applying through an advertisement that given out by them. Now, they were identified as very successful in the music industry. But, they were also very active in advocating for aboriginal and environment rights. They were also known for criticising the foreign policy of the USA in the 1980s.


Peter Garrett: More than a star

Garrett continued in Midnight Oil till the year 2002. After this he decided to quit in order to focus on his work for the environment work. He had said that he wanted to use his fame and put it to the right use. His words and actions thereof could not be more beautiful. Since then he has managed to represent the interests of the environment at various conferences.

He has also earned the award of Australian Humanitarian Foundation Award in the Environment. Moreover, he has also been given a doctorate from University of New South Wales. He has also said that he supports the agenda 13 of the United Nations.

Peter Garrett: Net Worth

Mr. Garrett had also tried to enter the National Elections but sadly could not win. He had said that he had lost his family so he had decided to nurture and take care of the environment.

He had been the lead singer of a very successful band. Therefore, his net worth is bound to reflect the same. It is estimated that he is worth around $10 million.

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