PewDiePie Offends Joe Rogan,What was Joe’s reaction? Know It Here

Joe Rogan, a well-known Podcast host, is nowadays in the public eye due to his contentious remarks on the video games.


His Podcast “The Joe Rogan Experience” is nearly heard by 200 million people over the world. In his recent podcast, with Spartan founder and CEO Joe De Sena’s, he was seen giving his negative views over the effect of video games over the youth.


According to him, video games are a wastage of time having full addiction   He was also pointing the video games as the real problem. He said that they are fun but will not lead them anywhere in life

Comparison Of Video Games With Other Games

Not just negative remarks, Joe Rogan also compared video games with jujutsu,   He used an example of a person practicing jujutsu which will improve one’s physical health and will even prove to be profitable after years.

He told that a kid playing video games will still be a kid after three years and it won’t help you to get any skill.

Reactions Over Joe’s Remark

Joe’s remarks made several professional gamer and YouTubers vexed, Some were backlashing him including some famous gamer like Ninja.

Joe Rogan

PewDiePie who is well known Swedish Youtuber having 106 million subscribers also took his call over his controversial remarks

He released a video over his channel talking about Joe’s comments over video games.

He advocated both the sides, He was seeing  understanding Joe’s side of calling game addictive

He said that Video games are a good means for passing time but at the same time it could harm those people who give oneself up to it

He also made it clear that there should be a balance for people who are pursuing a gaming career or those who enjoy gaming as a hobby.

PewDiePie Called Joe’s As Boomer 

Pewdiepie said that Joe’s talking about a video game is just like talking about makeup for him

Like he doesn’t know much about makeup, in a similar way, Joe Rogan doesn’t know much about video game

He said that it’s all because of the generation gap that exists.

Talking about gaming as a career option, PewdiePie said that he feels great that he can inspire his audience by his work but it’s all up to them whether they want to take gaming as a career option or not.

Talking about Joe Rogan‘s Statement of making money by gaming he said:

I don’t want to sell people on that pipe dream that it’s possible to make it for everyone because it isn’t’‘ That’s just the reality of life. But does this mean you shouldn’t pursue your dreams?”

Further, he also stated that Joe must be talking about the addictive part of the video games but he had given a terrible example to it.

He added that one should always keep trying to build something good and big  along with enjoying other things in life.


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