Physical Episode 4 Release date and More

If you have been watching Apple TV+ for a while, then you might have come across Physical. It is a show starring the amazing Rose Byrne. She is placed in San Diego in the 80s. Now, on the outside, it seems that she has the perfect and normal life. Though on the inside, the story is completely different.


It is because she is battling with self-loathing demons resting inside her. Therefore, we are placed in the midst of many types of inner monologues. We get to see how she hides a chaotic personality behind the face of a happy woman.


Physical: The Plot

Now, we all know that Physical is an Apple TV+ Original. The show dropped in the month of June, 2021. It has been written as well as created by Annie Weisman. She had revealed that the show has been inspired from her own childhood experiences. The first clue in respect of this is perhaps the time that the show is set in.

By virtue of this show, she has tried to explore the 80s and the feminist movement of that time. She further stated that she had also suffered from an eating disorder when she was young.

Physical: Season 1 Episode 4 Release Date

The next episode of Physical can be caught on June 25th of 2021. Since the advent of the show on June 18th, 2021, the show has aired about 3 episodes. Therefore, the show will be releasing the fourth episode of the show now.

Fans have been very excited to watch the new episode of the show. It has been said that the first season of the show will consist of 10 episodes. The first season is supposed to end of August 6th, 2021.

If you’re someone who wants to start the show, you can do so by logging into your Apple TV+ account.

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