Pirated NCERT books found from Delhi to TN

Pirated NCERT books: Illegitimate NCERT books have been busted in Meerut on Friday. Police and Special Task Force (STF) of Uttar Pradesh, recovered these books. The racket of the printing of fake NCERT is so big. A handwritten note is found between one of the 10 lakh pirated NCERT books that were seized in the warehouse in Meerut.


The consignment of the books was ready and about to deliver go their final destination. The books are to be delivered to every major town and city in the country. There were names of the vendors to whom the books were delivered finally and addresses of the shop that would counterfeit the books that are one in Anasol, second in Madurai, the third one in Delhi, and fourth in Chennai.


STF officials looked into the huge network of pirated NCERT books and surprised at the fact that this is spread to even the top officers. It all started on Friday when STF raided a godown full of pirated NCERT books. The market value of the books is up to Rs. 35 crores. The note that STF found was a part of a handwritten register which had 926 entries containing the names, addresses, and details of the vendors.

 NCERT books

Brijesh Singh, DSP STF said that “Apart from the order register, hundreds of used and unused bills, computers and stock records have also been seized from the godown.”

In, another raid on Saturday, a similar stock of fake NCERT is seized from Amroha with a market value of Rs. 15 crores. Eight persons have been arrested so far.

Sachin Gupta, a resident of Meerut and the main player of the scam, is on the run. He is the nephew of the BJP’s city vice President Sanjeev Gupta. The party suspended him as soon as they come to know about the scam.

Also, the NCERT members team found out that the pages of the fake NCERT contained a real watermark. Even on the fake pages, there was a real watermark. So, the officials are concerned if any NCERT official is involved in the scam.

An STF officer said that only a few of them had seen a consignment of fake NCERT books of this size.

Last year in Chandigarh, the vigilance department uncovered the scam of fake NCERT books.

Probe agencies have claimed that Uttar Pradesh is the source of counterfeit NCERT textbooks.

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