Pokemon 2019 Episode 34 Release Date And Latest News

Pokemon 2019 Episode 34: There is no way that one has not heard of Pokemon. Even those who are not into anime are aware of how great this anime series is. This anime franchise has released several video games and television series to date. the audience has loved each episode, video game, and movie.


Pokemon Monsters Animated Series

It is based on the successful video game series. It is a Japanese animated television series that sired for the first time in 1997. So far, they have released more than 1000 episodes. There is no set date when the Pokemon 2019 series will come to end. Each Sunday, a new episode in the series is released. It follows the life of creatures called “Pokemon”. These creatures are caught by trainers who are human. Then, they train them to battle each other. The trainers can capture Pokemon by throwing a spherical tool called Poke Ball. The Pokemon then has to obey the commands of the Pokemon Trainer. As Pokemon creatures battle, they become stronger and compete with other strong creatures.

Pokemon 2019 Episode 34

Recap of Pokemon Chapter 32

Let us take a look at what happened in the last episode of Pokemon. In the last chapter, we saw that Santoshi and Goo go to the Pokemon Centre. At the center, Goo meets the owner of Korotock Cricket Pokemon Bug-type, On being asked if he likes bug-type pokemon, he replies to her that he has a complete set of pokemon like these in Kanto. The owner introduces herself and tells him that her name is Korotock Koromi Sinnoh’s Poke-Queen. Korotock learns that she has to battle with Santoshi. At that point, he appears and they both agree that the battle between them is officially approved.

It is announced that a superclass battle will take place between Korotock and Santoshi. Pikachu is called by Santoshi. Koromi calls Heracross.

In the battle, Pikachu attacks Heracross first with his lightning speed. When Heracross tries to trap Pikachu, Santoshi orders him to dodge. Pika escapes the trap and runs away. Heracross runs after him trying to use his horn but Pika blocks his horn with an electric ball.

Release Date of Pokemon Chapter 33

The next chapter of Pokemon 2019 will release on Sunday, 23 August 2020.


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