Pokemon go- Pinsir Raid day is no longer on the calender

Niantic has confirmed that the Pinsir Raid Day will be cancelled, which was originally slated to be held on 28th June.


However, this is not the first time that the developers of Pokémon GO have cancelled any event which was so close to its starting point.


Till now, everything seemed to be running quite smoothly for Pokémon GO as they shifted all of their events to a play from home friendly model. In the later March some events were required to be rescheduled. Since then everything got fired off according to the plans. Unfortunately, that didn’t work well in the case of the planned Pinsir Raid Day festivities.

The Pinsir Day: Reveal

The Pinsir Day was actually revealed from a datamine leak and was expected to arrive in June or maybe early July. However, without any further explanation Niantic announced that the event has now been cancelled. And didn’t say anything about its rescheduling or a replacement Pokémon GO event. Because of no explanations made, the plans were changed.

 Pinsir Raid

Niantic brought up with the cancellation announcement of the event on the official Pokémon GO blog post. Tyhe post told the players that they should wait for further updates on its social media channels. Therefore, no explanation regarding the cancellation was given.

However, Pinsir isn’t actually important Pokémon in the PvE PoGO metagame. So, the players aren’t going to be too much disappointed on this alteration. But they said that the players will get an advantage of three free Raid Passes, which was a good benefit for the Raid Days so that will obviously be missed. Although, this news is a bit disappointing, but the players can shift their on the season 2 of the GO Battle League.

There is no statement made regarding the three Raid Passes that were supposed to be given away to the players.

Updates to Events: Pinsir Raid Day

Pinsir Raid Day: PokeMiners

RESOURCE ID: raid_day_pinsir
TEXT: Raid Day: Pinsir

RESOURCE ID: raid_day_pokemon
TEXT: Featured Pokémon appearing in all raids

RESOURCE ID: raids_pinsir
TEXT: Pinsir appearing in all raids

It might seem quite an unusual Pokémon to be there for a raid day. It has no evolution chain and many might have been already captured.

However, you might get a change to capture the shiny version.


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