Pokémon: List of 10 water type Pokémon

Water is one of the three basic elements along with the Fire and Grass which includes the three starters Pokémon. Water is one of the most common types with more than 100 Pokémon which are mainly based on a wide type of fish and other sea-dwelling creatures.


As of the 6th Generation, Water has been paired with every other type.


Water moves are super-effective against fire, ground and rock but not effective against the  grass and dragon.

During the rain the Water type attacks increases by 50% and decreases by 50% during the strong sunlight.


There are a total of 153 Water type Pokémon

Here are the top 10 Strongest Water type Pokémon:

10. Suicune: This Pokémon is a gentle soul and a powerful Legendary. It is Johoto’s Legendary Beast of Water.

9. Kyogre: Kyogre is just the opposite of Suicine; fierce and destructive. It has the power of raising the entire oceans up regardless of how will it affect the creatures on the ground.

8. Blastoise: This is the final evolution of the 1st Gen of the starter Squirtle. It seems to be a turtle with two metallic watr cannons sticking out of its shell. These cannons shoot water hardly in order to puncture solid steel.

7. Totodile: This is a strong fighter in its own right. It is unlike its giant, lumbering evolution. This is a cute little guy which is playful. His teeth are really very strong and can harm us even if it’s not willing to.

6. Lapras: It has been the mascot of Surfing since the very first video games.

5. Mudkip: Mudkip is a little creature which is capable of lifting and crushing larger rocks along with sensing the danger just with the help of the fins on its head in order to detect the changes in the environment.

4. Greninja: Greninja is the final evolution of the Gen VI Water starter Froakie. It is known for its quick speed and signature Water Shuriken move.

3. Psyduck: It has headache induced psychic powers which we never know that when will PShyduck show it.

2. Squirtle: The shell of Squirtle is not merely used for protection. The round shape of the shell helps minimizing the resistance in water which enables this Pokémon to swim at higher speeds.

  1. Gyarados: This is one of the most enduring Pokémon. It can fire hyper beams in all the directions. It has evolved from the Magikarp. It also has the ability to fly.


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