Pokemon Live Action: New series by Netflix?

Pokemon Live Action
POKEMON THE MOVIE: I CHOOSE YOU!, (aka GEKIJOUBAN POKETTO MONSUTA: KIMI NI KIMETA!), from left, Caterpie, Pickachu (voice: Ikue Otani), Ash Ketchum (voice: Sarah Natochenny), 2017. ©Fathom Events/courtesy Everett Collection

We have all loved Pokemon growing up. It seems Netflix is going into development with a Pokemon Live Action series. So, without much adieu let us start talking about it. It seems that Netflix is about to start production on it. This new series is based on the video game series by the same name. It seems that the series is still in early development.


You must have heard about the name of Joe Henderson. We talked about him when we were discussing the new Lucifer project. It seems that he will be acting as one of the producers in the series. Now, let us get down to the specifics of the projects.


Pokemon Live Action series: Any details?

As we said earlier, the series is still in early development. Therefore, we do not know much about the plot, story or even what the characters are. Some of the sources have said that they have hired Henderson to write and executively produce the show. This show might be following in the footsteps of the earlier movie such as Detective Pikachu.

This movie ended up getting a lot of applause and earned upwards of $430 million. It also earned a lot of good reviews. This movie had animated Pokemon characters and some real actors.

Now, we all know that Netflix already has a lot of content based off of Pokemon – Pokemon Journeys: The Series, Pokemon: Indigo League, and Pokemon The Series: Sun & Moon. 

Many people do not know this but Netflix wanted to collaborate with Nintendo way back in 2015. Sources had revealed that they wanted to develop their own live action series off of Legend of Zelda. This is perhaps because they were looking for their own Game of Thrones. But, apparently things did not come to fruition. Maybe it had a more family friendly tone.

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