Pokémon Sword & Shield: How to get a free Galarian Corsola

So here comes the other free Pokémon which you can claim before the expansion of the new Sword and Shield, The Isle of Armor drops! In this week, you can get a free Galarian Corsala which has some Hidden Ability of Cursed Body.


When you use the free Corsala’s Cursed Body then if a Pokémon gets is attacked, then there are 30% chance that the move that was the reason of the damage of the Pokémon can be disabled for the next four turns.


Along with the Galarian Corsola, The Pokémon franchise is giving away a free bundle of evolution-inducing things. Here comes the complete list along with the Pokémon with which they evolve:

  • Chipped Pot (Sinistea -> Polteageist)
  • Cracked Pot (Sinistea -> Polteageist)
  • Sachet (Spritzee -> Aromatisse)
  • Sweet Apple (Applin -> Appletun)
  • Tart Apple (Applin -> Flapple)
  • Whipped Dream (Swirlix -> Slurpuff)


In order to claim these free items, you will have to select a Mystery Gift that will be present in the Menu screen and will have to follow the below steps:

  • Select the Get a Gift
  • Then select the Get via Internet
  • Follow the prompts in order to connect to the Internet then download the Pokémon and the item bundle.

Galarian Corsola will be available till 11th June 5 PM PT/ 8 PM Et. At this time the franchise will be giving away another free monster, Galorian Meowth. You can obtain the Galar starter – Grooky, Scorbunny and the Sobble along with their hidden abilities through the Pokémon Home.

The Isle of Armor will be released on 17th June. It is the first of the two Sword and Sheild DLC expansions which is arriving this year, along with The Crown Tundra after this fall. Both the expansions are introducing some legendary Pokémon in to the sequel along with the glaring forms of the Legendary birds Articuno, Moltres and Zapdos. Both the expansions are tied together in a bundle in the Sword and Shield Expansion Pass which will cost $30 USD.


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