Prince Royce Net Worth: How Rich is The Popular Later Singer?

Often confused for a prince of some kingdom, the popularity of Prince Royce is never-ending. But, it does not mean that he is not a real prince. He has a captivating voice and a charming personality, which makes him no lesser than a prince.


Though he was born in America, the singers belongs to the Dominican Republic. Plus, he has his fans biting his nails, whenever he comes on stage. He joined the music industry at a very young age. He met a person named Andres Hidalgo, who had fixed a meeting with Sergio George.


The singer earned a lot of fame when he it was revealed that he was collaborating with Shakira. This ended up earning him a lot of fame internationally.

Prince Royce Net Worth

Since the prince has been in the industry for a long period of time, it very much makes him eligible for earning quite a fortune. The singer gained a lot of fame after the release of his first album. It has amazing songs such as the lead single, ‘Stand By Me’. But, it also many hits which ended up being commercial successes ‘Coraz√≥n Sin Cara’.

There was a time when no one knew the prince. But, he had to slowly make a name for himself and he climbed up the ladders of success. The net worth of this singer is worth around $14 million.

Prince Royce: More about him

Although we mentioned the current net worth of the singer, this amount is bound to rise. This is because the fandom of the prince is not getting down in the future. Therefore, this net worth is just the start for this incredible star.

Prince Royce comes from The Bronx in New York. Although Prince Royce is his stage name, his real name is Geoffrey Royce Rojas.