Princess Agents 2: Release Date, Cast, Plot and Everything you need to know.

Princess Agents 2: It is a Chinese television series based on the novel ’11 Chu Te Gong Huang Fei’ by Xiao Xiang Dong Er. It was first premiered in 2017 and since then, Princess Agents went on to become a serious success story internationally. The show is currently the most-watched Chinese drama of all time. Due to the success of the show, it has gained around 40 million viewership on Chinese streaming sites and 9.8 rating from IMDB. It has been 3 years since the primary season of Princess Agents was released, and fans are still waiting to hear about Season 2. Here’s everything we know so far.



Regrettably, we do not have any official confirmation about the release date of Princess Agents Season 2. We don’t know whether we will see another season as there hasn’t been any confirmation made by the creators of the show. We can only predict due to its enormous ratings that Princess Agents will likely be renewed for a 2nd Season by 2021.



As of now, we do not have anything about the plot of Princess Agents Season 2. But it seems that they are going to continue the story from where it left off in the 1st Season after it ended on a cliffhanger. In the Season 1 finale, we noticed that Yun Xin came to be enterprising and unkind as he pledged to have vengeance for the people he couldn’t save. So it is likely that the upcoming season will follow from where it ended.


The cast for Princess Agents hasn’t been confirmed yet. Although, we can expect the leading cast to be back in their roles for the upcoming season. The show’s main protagonists are Li Qin as Yuan Chun, Shaw Dou as Yan Xun, Zhao Liying as Chu Qiao, and Lin Gengxin as Yuwen Yue.


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