Prodigal Son To Get Shopped by WBTV after Fox Cancels The Show, Creators Discuss Their Plans

One of the best procedural dramas, Prodigal Son, will not coming for another season. The last season of the show ended on a thrilling cliffhanger. Now, we all know what effect it has on its fans. This last season kept the fans on their toes as they kept vying for more.


But, the announcement that the show will not continue has left the fans frustrated. The creators also had several aspirations for the show and it seemed that there was no hope. And now, a beam of hope is finally discernible. It seems that the show has found a new home, WBTV.


Prodigal Son – Season 3 Expectations

The show has ended for the time being. But, it does not mean that show will not continue. The story is bound to return to continue the story of Malcolm. Since the news of cancellation hit our media, the creators of the show have opened up about their plans for the next season.

The show will now be produced by WBTV. The creators had pitched several ideas to the Fox Team but it seems that they were adamant to move forward with those ideas. In the last season, we saw Martin being stabbed incessantly but there might be a possibility that he is still alive.

Prodigal Son – Season 2

The finale episode of show was breathtaking. We saw Martin joining forces with Malcolm to help them take down the serial killer, The Woodsman. This father-son duo was seen sharing an emotional moment with each other. Herein, the father tries to convince his son that he is a changed man.

The son tries to surrender his father to the police. But an altercation breaks and Martin is stabbed by Malcolm in the process. Hence, we can see that there is a lot to find out in the show now.

If you want to watch the first two seasons, watch it here.

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