Producer Barbara Muschietti is bringing new update from The Flash

Fans eager for an update on The Flash won’t have to wait much longer as it’s producer Barbara Mascietti has come up with the new update of The Flash. It has been delayed and made its way across multiple directors and writers. Right now it’s in the hands of the director Andy Mascietti. Barbara Mascietti is the collaborator and sister of Andy Mascietti.
Recently she gave some clues about the happening of The Flash when she was asked on a social media platform. Despite the rampant rumours that the film and Ezra Miller’s career are dead, she confirmed that they have started working on the film. This should put a full stop on all the rumours and speculations regarding the release of the film.


Flash with or without Ezra Miller!


A video got viral where Ezra Miller was seen choking and slamming a woman to the ground at a bar in Iceland. Though no charges were filed against him.
Rumours also offered that the incident has killed the career of Ezra Miller not only in The Flash but also with Fantastic Beast.

Though Andy Signore was saying that no decision has been made yet concerning Miller but Greek Worldwide’s KC Walser wrote on Twitter Barbara Mascietti “unless something much darker and damaging comes out about Ezra Miller WB isn’t recasting him, and it is not even something they are considering at the moment.”
In addition, he said, “people don’t lose jobs like this unless there are criminal charges filed.”
Miller is not under investigation but fans are outraging after watching that video and filling petitions wanting him gone from those films. We don’t know what will happens to him. All we can do is to wait for any other updates.

Something new happening with The Flash!

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, The Flash’s release has been moved from July to June 2022.
Warner Bros. may have added some cast members to The Flash, or we could even get some early concept art depicting which villains the hero will battle, after all rumours has it that we could see a female reverse-Flash played by Jessica Chastain.


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