PUBG is free to play for everyone this weekend

The PUBG Fee Play Weekend has rolled out. The gives chance to everybody to play PUBG for the next 4 days entirely free. Other than the free weekend the users who are interested in purchasing the game can get at 50% discount this weekend.


The Free Play Weekend & 50% off Event

The Event is scheduled from 4th June 2020 17:00 UTC till 8th of June 2020 17:00 UTC. While, the event goes on, everyone can play the game for free. Also, PUBG will be available for 50% off. The players you haven’t purchased the game and are taking part in the Free Play Event will not have access to the in-game store.


What all updates has PUBG come up with?

The all-new Ranked Mode is now the best time to drop in and give the game a try that completely defines the Battle Royale Genre.

Is there any content that will be restricted or unavailable to the free layers?


Only the in-game store will be unavailable to the players. Once they have purchased the game the in-game store will be accessible too.

The free weekend players will receive the same rewards that the regular players get. The bonus or gift cards are used in the in-game store; therefore the free weekend players will not be able to redeem their bonus or gift cards.

Will your progress be saved?

Whatever progress, achievements and rewards such as Pass rewards, BP, XP and RP that you have gained during the Free Play Weekend will be saved for the future and whenever you purchase the game you will be able to sync your progress, rewards and achievements.


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