Puss in Boots 2 Release Date & Everything You Need To Know

Puss in Boots 2: It is an animated movie. It released in 2011 and after 4 years in 2015, an announcement was made by the makers regarding the renewal for another sequel. Chris Miller worked really hard in the movie and loved by the fans very much. As the announcement came out in 2015 but till 2018 no statement made regarding that. In 2019 an announcement made by Bob Persichetti that he will be going to direct the movie.


Release Date of Puss in Boots 2

The initial announcement was made in 2015 but later on, it got removed from the schedule because of the new policy. The new policy ruled out that only two movies will release a year. Till 2018 no statement was made. But in February 2019 Bob Persichetti stated that he will be going to direct the movie. And the title will be Puss in Boots 2: Nine Lives and 40 thieves. No news came out after that and even if the productions started last year it might be on halt after the covid pandemic. So the sequel might not release until 2022 and expectations would be after that only.


Puss in Boots 2


These are the highly expected cast members. As no official statement has made by the makers regarding the cast members. But all of them are in the main lead so they won’t be able to change those. So the voice cast members that would reoccur are:

  • Antonio Banderas as the main lead- Puss in Bots
  • Zach Galifianakis as Humpty Alexander Dumpty
  • Amy Sedaris as Jill
  • Billy Bob Thornton as Jack
  • Sala Hayek as Kitty Softpaws
  • Constance Marie as Imelda


We still don’t know that the movie is in productions or not. So it would be really difficult to say when the trailer will be out. But till now no official trailer has released.

Till then if you haven’t watched Puss in boots go watch it now.



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