Ragnarok season 2? cancelled or renewed at Netflix? Tap to know.

Ragnarok season 2: Ragnarok took us beyond our imagination, a Norwegian SAM production fantasy drama series which is based on Norse mythology. we all enjoyed how it connected simple life with the life of gods and giants, story based on legends. It opens us a news portal of the fantasy of gods. Started with a normal boy coming to Edda, where his life took a new turn full of adventures. Waiting for next season? Here is all you need to know.


When will Ragnarök season 2 will be released?


Ragnarök 2 season was already confirmed while launching 1st season, it is said to be released in 2021, the release date has not been confirmed as the delay is expected due to the current situation.

Ragnarok season 2

The cast of Ragnarok season 2

These are the cast members who are going to be there on season 2,
. Jonas strand gravli as laurits
. David stakston as magne/thor
. Herman tommeraas as fjor
. Emma Bones as gry
. Henriette turgidstrup as turid
. Theresa frosted as magne sear
We might see some new faces as god as well as Vidartals, as vidar {likely] died by the end of the season. It is yet to be confirmed who will be the replica which will occur in Ragnarök season 2.

The storyline of Ragnarök season 2

Ragnarök season one ended with the clash of magne and vidar, Magne summoned light and clashes Vidar. As Vidar is presumed to be killed but we might get surprised in the new season. Next season might lead us to the ending of the battle.
In this new season, we might confront giants with magneto. This new season is expected to be more oriented on the nature of the villain.

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