Ragnarok Season 2: Release Date, Cast, Plot, Storyline and Everything you need to know

Ragnarok Season 2: Ragnarok is a Norwegian language series based on a fantasy world of superheroes. It has been written by Adam Price. The first season of Ragnarok had a total of 6 episodes. Let’s see what happens in Ragnarok season 2 and will it be better than season 1?


The cast of Ragnarok season 2
The characters which are confirmed for the upcoming season of Ragnarok includes:
Jonas strand gravli as laurits
David stakston as magne/thor
Herman tommeraas as fjor
Emma Bones as gry
Henriette turgidstrup as turid
Theresa frosted as magne sear
There are going to be other members but there’s no information yet. Some new faces are expected to make an appearance in season 2.


Ragnarok season 2

Release date of Ragnarok season 2
The first season of Ragnarok released on 31st January 2020. The second season of Ragnarok was renewed at the time of the first season’s release. However, earlier we were expecting that season 2 will be out by 2021 but looks like it’s going to be delayed. The current situation is not favorable for shooting or filming. Everybody is social distancing and taking all the necessary precautions to fight against the pandemic. We believe the cast still has a lot to do and until the situation normalizes we can’t expect it to be out by 2021.

The plot of Ragnarok season 2
The story of Ragnarok focuses on a family who is rebelling towards god and thor. Magne is blessed with the extraordinary abilities of Thor, a boy. In the previous season, Vidar and Thor had an intense fight. Magne was about to lose but suddenly he was able to use lightning against Vidar. In the end, He defeated Vidar not just he defeated him but Vidar died during the conflict.
Season 2 will be about Magne fighting against all the other villains and the challenges he’ll face as he goes against them.

The trailer of Ragnarok season 2
No trailer has been released by the team of Ragnarok till now. We might have to wait a little longer considering a global pandemic and its effect on the whole industry.

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