Raised by wolves: Release Date, Cast, Plot, Trailer and More Information

Science fiction fans would be too excited to see the new project of Ridley Scott. Raised by wolves is going to release soon, and here is all the information that you should know before watching the show.


Raised by wolves is a new series of HBO Max, which is co-produced by one of the most renowned names in the science fiction genre Ridley Scott. The show is created by Aaron Guzikowski,  who is well known for his projects like Prisoners and Papillon.


Scott has directed some of the classic films like Alien, Gladiator, and Blade Runner. Since the launch of HBO Max, there is never be a shortage of content. You can see every type of movie from classical to a news release on HBO Max. Also, raised by the wolf is the biggest budget science fiction drama show.

If we put Scotts every work in a Blender, we can get some close Vibe of raised byWolves. But that’s just what little we know. Scott is a profound director. In Raised byWolves, we can see the alien world, robots, and many other things.

The release date for raised by wolves

Raised by wolves will debut on September 3, 2020, and its first season will comprise of 10 episodes. Well, it is said that the series will release weekly just like all other series of HBO is releasing.


The cast of raised by wolves

In Scott’s film and show, we can see there are lots of big names. And raised by wolves, we can see that there are big names and what else we can expect from Scott’s show.

•Danish actor Amanda Collin as mother

•Abubaker Salim as Father

•Travis Fimmel plays Marcus, some kind of soldier

The rest of the cast is mostly lesser, and we don’t have much information regarding the other actor in the show.

Plot for raised by wolves

In raised by wolves, we can see the two Androids, mother and father raising a human child in a distant world. And there will be conflict regarding religion and faith, and this conflict leads to calamitous. And will show how these to Android nurture the human soul.


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