Real-life James Bond was ‘archivist’ in communist Poland

Real life James Bond

We all know about the infamous fictional secret agent, James Bond. A real life James Bond who was an agent of the British was told to join the communist bloc. This event happened after two years when the first film about the 007 released. Poland’s institute of National Remembrance currently published some archives.



The real James Bond was posted to Warsaw which was a military bloc of the now Russia. He reached there in 1964 on eighteen February. At the position of archivist for the British embassy the real Bond resembles a little to the character which is fictional.


After going through various documents and archives it was realized that this archivist was also a womanizer and was fond of martinis. The agent working for the embassy was careful whenever he talked to women or even if he talked to any Polish citizen.

 James Bond archivist

The documents were uploaded on Facebook. This happened in this week only. The institute gave some more details about this archivist to the sources. They told them that even though he operated at a low level he was able to get a high profile.

This trait undoubtedly resembles the favorite secret agent we know. Able to win people with his charisma is a talent both had.


The creator of the character said that the inspiration to create this character came after reading a book which was about the Caribbean birds. The real life James Bond was deployed to close the border of former Soviet republic. But as he was not able to the task, he left Poland in 1965. This happened on twenty one January.

The intelligence officer who is usually played by Daniel Craig we have seen on the screens, was surprisingly somewhat similar to the real Bond. This came as a surprise to Ian Fleming who created it from author’s name.


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