Reclaiming Amy: The new doc about Amy Winehouse

Amy Winehouse was one legend of a singer. It seems that a new documentary which will be chronicling her life, Reclaiming Amy is about to drop. This new documentary shall be made by Curious Films. They have just released their documentary on Britney Spears and this announcement comes just after 5 months. Therefore, we urge you to read forward about this new doc.


Amy Winehouse was one of the biggest singers of her time. She and Britney were the people who were making the charts and competing against each other. People had said that both of them have bright and long futures ahead of them. But this fame of Amy could not be sustained. She tragically passed away due to an alcohol poisoning accident in 2011.


The words of the Executive Producer shall also be reproduced over here. He went on to say that on the 10 year anniversary, they were asking themselves what has been left to tell about her life? These things should have been told earlier. This is because many other films and docs have talked extensively about her life.

Reclaiming Amy: From her parents’ perspective

This had prompted the producers to reach out to the parents of Amy. They had tea together and came to a realisation. This was the realisation that there are aspects which have not been allowed to say. All of these relate to the story that the parents want to tell but they have not been given the chance to say these things.

There is an Academy Award winning documentary titled Amy. But, it seems that the parents were not happy with this doc. This is because it portrays that Amy did not have a happy family life. But, the parents want to refute this portrayal. Hence, it seems that Reclaiming Amy will offer us a different outlook on her life.