Red Shoes Episode 14 Release Date and Other Information

Red Shoes which is a Korean Drama particularly made in South Korean has a huge number of fan base. Taking Korean Dramas in general are much popular in other countries too, may be because of their Korean culture. Red Shoes Episode 14 has got released on July 22, 2021 that means on today. Yes! You got right finally it has been released you can go and watch it now.


Why is Red Shoes Series Popular?

We cannot deny the fact that Korean Series actually has a huge fan base due to many reasons like it’s easily available on Online Platforms with different language subtitles. Meanwhile coming to Red Shoes it’s about a daughter Kim Jem Ma who is in a strong desire to take revenge from her mother who left her father and her sick brother for her love she found afterwards.


It makes interesting for viewers to watch as it’s an emotional drama which could also make you cry. It connects its viewers and shows the love and hate at the same time- love for Kim Jem Ma’s father to find out the secrets of his death also hate for her mother to take revenge for leaving her family.

Everything to Know About Red Shoes 14 Release Date, Cast and Production

With the release of first episode on July 05, 2021 filled with complete Melodrama, Revenge and Romance it has become one of the favorite series for the audience. This made viewers to get excited for each and every episode coming on the way, this made the show to complete whole of the first and it has already aired with second season too. Red Shoes Episode 14 has been released today(on July 22, 2021) so the wait is over now and it’s a good news for all the fans of Red Shoes.

Before jumping into the episodes have some idea about the main cast members too. Starting with Sun Woo Jae Duk as Kwon Hyuk Sang who is the father of the main character Kim Jem Ma, So Yi Hyun as Kim Jem Ma the main character and daughter of Kwon Hyun Sang and Shin Jung Yoon as Ki Sun’s younger brother.

The main production credit goes to OH Story and KBS Production, the Director is Park Ki Hyun and the following Script Writer is Hwang Soon Yo

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