Red Shoes Kdrama: How To Watch Online?

Yes, we are going to focus on another K Drama because why not? This time we are going to be talking about Red Shoes. This is supposed to be one of the most sought after K Dramas of all time.


Red Shoes just premiered a while back and it is already making headlines all over the entertainment industry. Now, this may also be due to the fact that it is kind of different from the K Dramas out there. This is perhaps because most dramas have around 16-20 episodes. But, not Red Shoes. This is because it has about 100 episodes right now. So, without much delay, let us talk about how to watch it.


Red Shoes: Who is producing it?

The show has been written by none other than Hwang Soon Young. He is known for making amazing dramas in the past and made shows such as Great First Wives and Two Mothers. The Executive Producer of the show will be Kim Sang Hui of KBS.

Red Shoes: How to watch it?

Now, we all know that the show made its debut on July 5th, 2021. This drama is from KBS2. As we have mentioned earlier that it is going to have 100 episodes. Each of these episodes will be coming out every day. But, the episodes will not be releasing on the weekends. The show will be concluding on November, 19th 2021.

We want to recommend it is supposed to have one of the most engaging storylines that you have ever come across. Therefore, we have to say that please do not miss any of the episodes.

Now, when it comes to streaming the episodes, it would seem that the best place to do so would be Netflix. But sadly Netflix does not have it. For the people of Korea, they can stream it through cable. For other people, you can watch it on OnDemand Korea.