Resident Evil Season 1 – Release Date, Cast, Plot, And Every Latest Information You Need To Know

Resident Evil

Resident Evil Season 1: Resident Evil movies have been extremely popular and exceptionally incredible. And now, the series is coming as a part of Netflix Original, based in the Capcom game of the same name. This franchise was launched in 1996 and has since then been adapted into novels, video game sequels, and an extremely popular movie franchise.


So here are all the details regarding Season 1, including the release date, cast, plot, and the latest updates.


Resident Evil Season 1 – When will it release?

The release date of season one hasn’t been declared yet by Netflix.

Its been over a year since we learned about the series coming up. In April 2020, the series was in the pre-production stage. The main shooting has been scheduled between June and October 2020. The filming of various scenes of the series is taking place in South Africa.

Johannes Roberts is set to direct while Oliver Berben will produce it. German Film Studio, Constantin Film will be the brains behind the show, working alongside Netflix. Season one of Resident Evil will consist of a total of eight episodes, which will probably be one hour long.

Resident Evil Season 1

Resident Evil Season 1 – What is the cast?

As of now, the single cast member is yet to be announced by the series’ creator. However, we can expect news regarding the same to come in the coming months.

Resident Evil’s plot is such that it will have a vast amount of characters. It is being said that the series will be a complete package of an amazing story, a lot of friends, and some bloodthirsty insane things. It will be suitable for every type of resident evil fans, including the ones joining for the first time. We will get to see things that people have never seen before.

Resident Evil Season 1 – What will be the storyline?

As of now, the plot is not known which looks like it is being kept under wraps. This is so because the show is currently in the early stages of production. Season 1 will, however, expand the Resident Evil universe, deepening the existing mythology. The series will keep the basic premise and will explore the dark inner workings of the Umbrella Corporation and the new world order caused due to the outbreak of the T-virus.

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