Resident Evil Season 1 When Will It Release? What Is The Cast? And Can We See Some New Faces In Upcoming Seasons ?

Resident Evil Season 1: Is Netflix in the mood of playing mind games with all of us? Netflix inadvertently posted an image from Resident Evil on their page recently.


The picture was quickly erased just after it was uploaded. But the news has fanned out across quickly. The audience is desperate to know more about it and is posting million of inquiries regarding the image.


After people bombarded with end number of inquiries, Netflix chose to open up about it for of its watchers. The producers of the show asserted that they will be making an series.

Resident Evil will be a reboot to the film. And it will be based on one of the most exciting games of all time which passes by a similar name.

Resident Evil season 1- The Plot 

The film consisted of six sections, and the audience is excited about knowing whether the series will follow a similar storyline of the movies.

We can say that the noteworthy plot would run on somewhere similar lines to the film, however there will be much more. Yet in addition, the series will dive in more deeper into the issues of the Umbrella Corporation.


When is Resident Evil Season 1 Set To Release? 

As you know, the production for the show Resident Evil has been set to due to the coronavirus pandemic around the world, so we are as of now anticipating Resident Evil period one to release anytime.

Resident Evil Season 1- Who will be a part of the cast? 

There is no affirmation about the casting team of the series. But the rumours say we may get the chance to watch Chris Redfield, Leon Kennedy, Ada Wong, Jill Valentine, and Albert Wesker in the upcoming season.

Resident Evil Season 1- The Trailer 

No trailer or even a single poster for the show has been released out yet. We will have to wait for it. Hoping to see it very soon!

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