RiceGum Net Worth: How Rich is The Youtube Artist?

Youtube is a big battlefield. This is perhaps the reason that there are countless youtubers. But, not all of them come close to RiceGum. Now, that is not his real name. The name of RiceGum is Bryan Quang Le. But, he has taken a different name for Youtube.


He managed to get a lot of popularity after being involved in a lot of Youtube rap battles. The most notable of them came from the legendary Jake Paul. This whole event was covered wide by the all the pop culture websites. It was also very famous between the fans of the two personalities. But, the ultimate winner came out to be RiceGum himself. It is because his song was rated better at the billboard charts. Hence, he managed to come out on top. As we say the number speaks for themselves.


RiceGum: The College Dropout

We have to say that the feud between the two had brought the better out of the young star. This is because his song was declared to be platinum by Billboard. Hence, he became a Billboard top artist by the end of the feud.

He is also acting as an inspiration to all the young generation out there. This is because he is a college dropout. He took a massive risk and is now reaping the benefits of the same. Hence, we can definitely say that he can also be classified as a rapper and a Youtuber.

RiceGum: Net Worth

He has about 10 million subscribers on Youtube. Therefore, the revenue from Youtube is a huge chunk of his earnings. But apart from this we have to tell you that he has also signed a contract with Monster headphones.

It is estimated he is worth about $8 million. So, we can see that taking such a risk has paid off well to him.