Richard Branson Space Flight: Another Simpsons’ Prediction?

Recently, Richard Branson took his flight to the end of the atmosphere and theoretically entered into space. This happened while the world stood at awe. But, was this awe actually predicted by the Simpsons? Read on more to find out.


The Simpsons is one the greatest pieces of television. Not only being great, it is one of the longest running TV shows of all time. It seems that the Simpsons have been getting increasingly better at predicting future. People had said that it predicted that Donald Trump would one day be the president of the USA. Not only this, some people had also written that it had predicted the events of the coronavirus in one of its episodes. Well, it seems that they have done it again. Therefore, let us try to find out whether these claims are true or not.


Richard Branson Space Flight: A Simpsons Prediction

Fans have pointed the moment in the simpsons. It seems that the event take place in season 25 of the show. This is where we see one of the forgery artists who is telling Lisa how his works brings pleasure to the people around the world.

Then we can witness a scene and there we can see Richard Branson who is looking at one of the works by the forgery artist. But, he is seen admiring this work on his spaceship. Now, at this point we should clarify something that the billionaire did not take any actual forgeries on his spaceflight. He headed to he suborbital space with fellow companions who were working on the mission.

Further, he also went to recording a special message addressed to the kids. He urged all the kids to watch this pivotal moments and said that he was a kid once with dreams. Now, he is in space and sky shall be the limit for the next generation.

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