Rick and Morty season 5- how and why did Rick turn into Pickle Rick?

Rick and Morty season 5: Rick and Morty released its 4th series this year.The series aired on Adult swim.
Fans have always loved the duo and their out of the box adventures.
The co-creators have made their pandemic productive as they are planning for a 5th series now.


Why did Rick turn himself into a pickle?
Rick is a unique character. You might think that he’s self-centred and narcissistic but he’s too smart. Rick has the ability to travel wherever he wants and he takes his family along including It’s not something to be shocked whenever Rick messes up but this time it was unexpected.
In the third season, episode 3, Rick turns himself into a pickle. Morty was devastated and asked his grandfather why he did what he did.He thought that his grandfather might have don’t this to achieve some super power.However, Rick didn’t do it for anything special and now he was just a monotonous simple pickle.
The scientist explained: “The reason anyone would do this, if they could, which they can’t, would be because they could, which they can’t.”



There was a reason why Rick did this to himself.In the 3rd episode only, Beth,Jerry,Summer and Morty decided to attend a family counseling all together. Beth wanted his Dad to come along. He wanted to resolve the issues between them. However, Rick wasn’t eager on attending the session and decided to turn himself into a vegetable.
Beth wanted to do this with Rick but he just is so uncomfortable in getting into all that emotional stuff.
Well, Rick once left his daughter for 20 years but this time it is different. He does not want to lose them come what may.
Realisation is very necessary and in the fourth series Rick realises that he wasn’t there for his kids.

Rick and Morty season 5: After all the things that happened, Rick might initiate to make things better with his daughter. Instead of running away, we might see him facing his fear.

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