Rising Phoenix: What Is Special About The Netflix Documentary on Paralympic Games and When Will It Release?

Netflix will give us a glimpse of the multi-sports event featuring athletes through a documentary called “Rising Phoenix” which was earlier supposed to release during the Olympics and Paralympics event in Tokyo.
The film focuses on the history of the Paralympics event and also the unbelievable stories of its athletes. The first trailer of this sports documentary film has just arrived, and it shows how these athletes don’t let their disabilities hold them back from being complete badasses.


Release date

The film’s release was supposed to collide with the Olympics in Tokyo which has now been postponed till 2021. But this hasn’t been the case for “Rising Phoenix” which is set to release on 26 August on Netflix. For the fans, this 1h 45 min documentary film will be a celebration leading up to the Paralympics next year.

Rising Phoenix Netflix
Rising Phoenix netflix


The Paralympic Games have never been as publicized or well-funded because of the Olympic Games. But going by this trailer alone, it’s just like the sports on display here are far more interesting than the standard Olympics stuff we see. Watching how these athletes have finely tuned their bodies despite their disabilities and seeing how they adapt to various sports with his or her unique capabilities is fascinating and thrilling at the same time.


The documentary will feature interviews and clips of athletes from all over the world who compete in the Paralympic Games.
It will feature some notable names like Bebe Vio, Ellie Cole, Jean-Baptiste Alaize, Matt Stutzman, Jonnie Peacock, Cui Zhe, Ryley Batt, Ntando Mahlangu, and Tatyana McFadden. All of them look ready for primetime, and it’s truly a shame that these games don’t get the maximum amount of attention like the Olympics or other sporting events. Hopefully, this documentary can change that and perhaps give them the spotlight they deserve.


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