Riverdale: Here Are Four Things That Don’t Make Sense In The Show

Riverdale: What’s that one show everybody is talking about but nobody really likes? It’s none other than The CW’s Riverdale! The only thing probably worth watching in the show is the scenes with Cole Sprouse in them. The series is just a bad adaptation of world-famous ongoing Archie comics.




Here are four things, among many others, that does not make sense in Riverdale. 

1. When Jughead called Betty from a payphone, she just knew who it was without even listening to his voice.

During the thirteenth episode of Season one, Jughead called Betty from a payphone in Southside High. She briefly eyed her phone’s screen before picking it up and said “Hey, where are you? Have you been getting my messages?” Even if she was expecting a call from him, it is crazy to pick up one from any number and assume that it’s him.

 2. The  Black Hood got its own special ringtone, even if the number was blocked.

Every time the Black Hood called (from a blocked number), Betty’s ringtone changed from the good old beeping sound to “Lollipop” by The Chordettes. A blocked number CANNOT set their own custom ringtone and Betty couldn’t have done it BEFORE the first threat call. So, who did it then? Clearly, the writers and their skillful script creation.

3. How did nobody realize that Jughead was homeless and how did he keep the secret so well?

Jughead lived in a drive-in by himself for months all the while maintaining an active social life with his best friends and attending school every single day. Even Archie and Betty, his two best mates, didn’t seem to realize it. Also, how on earth did he stay so well-groomed all the time!? He neither had a place to bathe nor the source of income, yet he wore suits and did not have an unkempt appearance at all. I think it sometimes escapes the minds of the writers that Cole Sprouse’s character is actually just seventeen years old.

4. The Riverdale teens are school kids, yet they spend the least of their time in classes.

If it wasn’t for the fact that they chatted and gossiped near their lockers, nobody would realize that the characters ACTUALLY go to school. Veronica owns a club and a diner, Betty is acting as an investigator at The Farm, Archie (a juvenile runaway) owns a boxing gym while Jughead is the leader of the Serpents. When do these kids study? Yet, when it’s time for SATs, they all predict how well they did and have dreams for college. I wish real life was like that.

Riverdale Season 5 is expected to release in January 2021.

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