Riverdale Season 5: Everything We Know So Far

Riverdale Season 5: It is a teen web television series set in America. It is based on the Archie Comics. The storyline of the show is intriguing and flows into several mysteries which continues to grab the attention of the audience at every moment. The show has had the viewers on a journey from ups and downs, moments of joy, and sorrow to this day. And so we have all the details for you to catch up with the series once again.


Seasons of Riverdale Web Series:

There has been a total of four-season as of now of this series. The summed number of episodes of all four seasons is seventy-six which are all packed with thrill and exciting mystery. And now Netflix is set to renew the fifth edition of the series as well. And is expected to return to the screens by early 2021 as reported by CW.


Season 4 follow-ups:

With the release of season 4 in October 2019 and ending abruptly with the last episode on 6 May 2020. The three episodes of season 4 were not completed as the show had to wrap up season 4 without releasing them due to the sudden global coronavirus pandemic that led filming of the show to a halt. Thus the season 4 ended on a cliffhanger which paves a definite way for season 5 answering all the questions the fourth installment of the show left the audiences with.

Riverdale Season 5

The Future Look:

In order to answer the unanswered questions of season 4, the show makers have probably planned of having a time jump in the plot of the story. In an interview, Camila Mendes who plays the lead role of Veronica Lodge confirmed that the show is set to take a time jump of almost full five years! Well, that’s pretty much for us to digest. When in season 4 we saw the characters in the high school, now in season 5 after the time jump the characters would probably have attended and graduated from their colleges. This surely will make the plot interesting to see how everyone’s life has shaped.

Changes in the Cast of the show:

Thankfully, to our relief, all the stars will be reprising their respective roles and will be returning to the screen in season 5 as well. However, we wouldn’t be able to see F.P Jones played by Skeeter Ulrich and Hermoine Lodge played by Marisol Nichols on our screens anymore. This would disappoint a lot of fans because these roles definitely added spice to the show.

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