Riverdale season 5 release date, trailer and many more

Riverdale: It is certified that Riverdale is affirmed for season 5. One more year of secret, feeling and dramatization with the show. Things are incredibly interesting in Riverdale this time and we can foresee that things ought to be invigorating when the show makes a return. This season is of graduation and after several episodes jumps to life following seven years.


The cast is locking in as of now on the new season, which Aguirre Sacasa communicated that will start with the prom night, this is the scene which was set as a bit of season 4.


The fourth season was hacked down to 19 episodes on account of Covid reasons in March. Suggests that there might be a couple of let loose strands to take around the start of the new season.

When will Riverdale season 5 release?

It is presently expressed that Riverdale season 5 will return on 20th January 2021.

The showrunner Roberto Aguirre asserted the news on twitter. The fifth season which is taken from Archie funnies was all set back in January this year and was set to air in October at this point the pandemic disturbed the overall stream.

Riverdale season 5

Storyline for riverdale season 5

The new season will begin with a scene focused on the prom. We may continue looking at the love square including Archie, Veronica, Betty and Jughead. The relationship performance is set to be the driving component for the show.

It is said that season 5 will have a drawn out time ricochet after the prom and graduation, we really foresee to see what happens in future.

Who is in the cast of Riverdale season 5?

The authority discharge for the new cast have not been accounted for now, anyway as of now we understand that Jughead’s dad, F.P Jones won’t make a return.

Co-star Marisol Nichols who played Hermione Lodge will similarly not be returning.

We have another part, Madchen Amick joining the gathering. She had started late and shared a snap conveying her energy.


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