Roadrunner: The Anthony Bourdain doc records $1.9M opening

We all know who Anthony Bourdain is. Well, as you may have heard that a documentary of him recently came out, Roadrunner. It seems that this documentary is hitting it out of the park. It has managed to open with $1.9M on the first day of screening. Hence, since the doc is getting so much eyes, let us see what the fuss is all about.


The film has been directed by Morgan Neville. His latest film has managed to secure the 8th position at the box office. It has been produced by Focus Features and has gotten about 927 locations for a $2,050 per screen average. These estimates have made it the top opening documentary of the year. If the doc tends to go this way, then it will end up getting a lot of money at the end.


Roadrunner: Is the industry getting back on track?

We all know the inevitable delays that were caused due to the pandemic. It was seen that producers were losing large sums of money every day. Even the movie theatres were suffering from losses. This was only because the lockdown was not allowing people to visit and watch movies at the theatres. People were forced to resort to OTT platforms and distributors were suffering losses.

But, the money earned by Roadrunner is important. This is because it means that the industry is getting back on track. Moreover, people are willing to shell out a lot of money just to see their favourite celebrities on screen. This is what the representative from Focus Features had to say.

The producers were hoping that the film will end up reaching the fan base of Anthony. This is because the same is very loyal and wide. Hence, they ended up marketing it on everything they hoped the fans see. They took it morning and late night shows, they showed it on news channels and entertainment channels alike. Hence, it seems that the marketing efforts have paid off.

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