Rob Schneider Forgets David Spade’s Birthday: ‘Celebrity Game Face’ Sneak Peek

Rob Schneider

Rob Schneider Forgets David Spade’s Birthday: In this EXCLUSIVE preview of ‘Celebrity Game Face.’ The things, Rob Schneider called up his long time friend David Spade. And asked him to participate in one of his games. Rob forgets it is David’s birthday when he calls!


Rob Schneider along with his wife Patricia are next in line with the phone call game introduced by Kevin Hart in this latest upcoming episode of Celebrity Game Face on the 3rd of September.


Kevin asks Rob who is he going to call, Rob answers, “I was going to call Adam Sandler, but he’s not affordable so we’re going to call David Spade.” As Rob starts talking to David casually and doesn’t mention anything about his birthday, David reminds him. David tells Rob “It’s my birthday today, loser,”.

When he realizes that he completely forgot his buddy’s birthday, he genuinely feels sad. “Oh, no. Is it? Happy birthday,” Rob replies to David’s remark. Nevertheless, because he’s running out of time, he decides to get back to the point. 

Rob is then assigned a task by Niecy Nash and Wendy Raquel that he has to try to get David to say the word “hangover.” To which Rob succeeds after making some efforts.

And the difficulty level slightly increases as the next word is given. Niecy gives the word “boner” to Rob. This word is not that of a tough match for Rob. David easily gets what Rob is trying to tell him.

David Spade

Celebrity Game Face: What’s it all about?

Kevin invites fans to watch a night filled ostentatious and unexpected fun talks and startling games with his celebrity friends, playing from their own homes. These couples compete to defeat each other in quirky games that keep skills and their relationships on a test.

Other celebrities starring in the upcoming episodes include Tracee Ellis Ross and Evan RossMeghan Trainor, and Ryan TrainorVictor Cruz, and Karrueche Tran, Terry Bradshaw, and Rachel Bradshaw, and many more. The winner gets a chance to win the coveted Heart of a Champion trophy. Also, they get money for their charity. Celebrity Game Face will premiere Thursdays at 10 p.m

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