Robby Steinhardt dead: The Kansas violinist and vocalist

Kansas perform on stage in New York, December 1977, L-R Robby Steinhardt;Rich Williams. (Photo by Michael Putland/Getty Images)

In this article, we are going to talk about Robby Steinhardt. It has been revealed that he died of acute pancreatitis and septic shock. The news has been confirmed by his wife on Facebook. He was 71 years of age. Therefore, we would like to take this article to celebrate the life of this legend.


It all began on 13th of May, he suffered from acute pancreatitis and was admitted to the hospital. Later, he went into the septic shock. This had prompt the people in his care to place him under life support. Hencforth, he managed to survive another two months. This is despite the fact that his condition was declared to be very grave. He was sought to be removed from medical and sent to the rehab centre. But, he suffered from another shock and could not make it. He died at the Tampa Bay hospital.


His wife expressed remorse in the post. She had said that the performer and his wife were extremely excited for a new adventure. Cindy went on to clarify that Robby had just recorded his first solo album with the producer Michael Franklin at Solar Studios. He was just about to start touring and doing what he loved.

Robby Steinhardt: A look into his personal life

Kansas also went to express remorse at the death of their fellow member. Robby was born in Chicago in 1950. From an early age, he started to play classical violin and soon joined a rock band. This band went on to become what is today known as Kansas.

The Kansas also attained mainstream success when their album title Leftoverture came out. This featured their most famous song Carry on My Wayward Song. In 1982, he left the band and found his own musical group with Rick Moon and they were titled Steinhardt Moon.

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