Robert Downey Jr. Is Not Returning To MCU, Says He’s ‘All Done’!!!

Bad news! Iron Man will not return to cheer us up anymore. Looks like Robert Downey Jr. is all done with the role of Iron Man. He is now ready to move on with his life and work on new projects.


The actor, now 55 years old, who came out as Tony Stark in the movie series has closed out himself to come back to the franchise. He left the franchise when his character was annihilated in Avengers: Endgame.


What Did Robert Say?

Downey Jr. recently spoke to Will Arnett, Jason Bateman, and Sean Hayes on their podcast ‘SmartLess’. When asked about his return as Iron Man, Robert said ‘That’s all done’.
He further continued that as far as he is concerned, he hung up his guns, and now he is all good to let it go.

He also thinks that MCU is on this expedition now. They are attempting numerous other things and he is exhilarated for them.
Also, he is really excited to witness how all that works out.

What Is Robert Downey Jr. Working on?

We’ll get to see Robert as Tony Stark for one last time. He is said to have a cameo in Black Widow. Even though the character has already died in Avengers: Endgame, he will be seen in the movie.

This gives us a major hint about the movie that it might be an origin-based story for the black widow. Scarlett Johansson will be back as Natasha Romanoff, the protagonist of the movie. The movie will release on Oct 29. Now, let us get back to what Robert is currently working on.

In May this year, he declared that he is producing ‘Sweet Tooth’, a DC property project for Netflix. It is a live-action drama about Gus, a faun, who is half deer and half boy. Gus takes off of his home to the forest to explore more about the outside world devastated by a catastrophic event.

The Dolittle star also confessed that he loved watching the anticipation and admiration in the eyes of the kids he came across. And playing Iron Man made him want to turn into a better man.

Robert Downey Jr said that there’s something about when a kid glances at you and charges you with these magical properties. Because we are all broken and kind of imperfect, and just trying to do the right thing and stay out of his way. It’s not a responsibility but we get to stand up inside ourselves and live as an example. It’s put him in check because he hates disappointing youth.

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