Ron Jeremy Hits With 20 New Sexual Assault Charges

Sexual Assault

Ron Jeremy: A porn star charged with 20 additional sexual assault charges. Jeremy is a well-known adult film star, charged with 20 more sexual assault count. Around 13 women charged sexual assault on Ron in 2014.


Jeremy is currently being held in jail due to previously charge on sex crimes, which says he had raped three women and sexual assault together. Ron, whose real name is Ronald Jeremy Hyatt charges in June for those sexual counts and found not guilty.


Ron Jeremy; already facing a sexual charge from past years

Ronald Jeremy is 67 years old and currently faces a slew of charges including five forcibly rapes, three forcefully oral sex, six-count of sexual battery, two charges on the penetration of a foreign object. Also, an unconscious or sleeping victim, and pornographic conduct with a 15-year-old girl.

According to the reports, the victim age includes from 15 to 54 years who filed a case on Monday. The District Attorney Office claims that Ron has sexually assaulted a 15-year-old girl at a party in Santa Clarita, in June 2004.

Ron Jeremy

Jeremy, also blamed for sexually abused a 21-year-old Hollywood star on New Year. At least 6 charges claim to happen inside a bar in Hollywood. According to the officials, victims are sexually assaulted in the parking lot of the bar.

67 years-old Ron found not guilty for the charges in June. Jeremy had been in jailed in lieu worth $6.6 million, while his defense arguing for a lower bail amount.

Ronald Jeremy Hyatt is one of the best known and most creative actors in the history of the porn industry. Ron has thousands of credits, with his appearance in mainstream entertainment like videos, music, movies, and TV series.

County Sheriff is investigating the case for the last two years and presented the case in the court in June. The presentation of the new charges schedules on Monday at Foltz Criminal Justice Court.

According to the reports, if Jeremy charges with all the assault he will face a maximum sentence of more than 250 years to life prison.

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