Rotten Season 3: Release Date, Cast, Plot and More Information

Rotten Season 3

Rotten Season 3: Rotten is one of many eye-opening docuseries available on Netflix that offers all kinds of interesting insight into the food industry, unlike anything else out there. The first two seasons have been instantly engaging affairs from start to finish, and fans/subscribers are eager to know the status of Rotten Season 3.


The first run of the Netflix original series was praised by critics for everything from its content to its cinematography and received a stellar rating on rotten tomatoes. Each episode features a different product such as peanuts, honey, edibles, chocolates e.t.c.


Rotten Season 3: Release Date

Assuming that Netflix does decide there is a significant demand for more episodes of the docuseries, it may be a while before any new information is put out concerning the Rotten season3 release date.

It’s not out of the ordinary for a gap of about a year or longer to take place in between seasons of Netflix originals, and if you factor COVID-19 into the situation, that time table expands, so it’s really anyone’s guess when subscribers will be able to see the next outing of the docuseries.

The firsts season of Rotten came out in January 2018, and the second arrived in October 2019. There won’t be a new iteration for 2020, so there is a chance sometime in 2021 Rotten season 3 could arrive, but nothing has officially been set in stone as of yet.

Rotten Season 3: Cast

There has been no official announcement regarding who will be in the cast of Rotten Season3, but it’s safe to assume that there will be a group of fresh faces to discuss a brand new item and how things in this world drastically affect the food industry.

Rotten Season 3: Plot

This documentary series is about the manufacturing and supply of many food items all across the world. It gives us a glimpse of how our favorite food items are made and manufactured.


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The previous seasons showed us many unknown facts about them. And the best part about this series is that it does not focus just on the positive angle of the story but also shows us the dark sides of manufacturing companies including corruption, adulteration in food items and much more.

It gives us a thorough idea of what is going on in the food processing industries throughout the world. So even in Rotten Season 3, we expect the makers to explore several other food processing industries. Also now that the world is amid a pandemic crisis the upcoming season may focus on how the coronavirus pandemic has affected food processing industries.

Rotten Season 3: Trailer

There is no trailer out on Netfilx for the season 3. But, we may expect one in 2021.