Russell Crowe’s Unhinged Trailer: What Happens When You Honk At A Man Who’s Having A Breakdown?

Russell Crowe’s Unhinged Trailer: What do you do when you are having a bad day and someone unknowingly pokes you, ruining your mood even further? Worst case scenario, you will yell at them and walk away. But, according to the latest Unhinged Trailer, what I just stated above is the BEST case scenario. You don’t even want to know what the actor’s worst-case scenario is. It is worse than your worst nightmare. Just remember one thing: whatever you do, don’t honk at a car with Crowe in it. Just don’t. Not if you want to live.


What Is The Movie About?


As the scene unfolds in front of the viewers, we see a woman honking at the car in front of her which refuses to move- even after the traffic light turns green. She then overtakes him, shows him the finger, and races away. Little does she know that this will prove to be the biggest mistake of her life. The man then follows her and asks for an apology, which she blatantly refuses. Bad decision, Karen. It’s time for a lesson.

The clearly-unstable man is not to be meddled with when he is having a bad day. He goes on to stalk the woman, steal her phone, trash her car, and beat up her presumed boyfriend in a series of spine-chilling events meant to teach her what a bad day really is. While the story doesn’t seem like much, the thriller scenes in the trailer are actually pretty scary.

When and Where Can You Watch The Movie?

‘Unhinged’ will be the first major motion picture to hit the theatres and is hell-bent on becoming the first movie to do so in the United States. It will release on August 21 in more than 2,000 theatres. “The dirtiest words in the English language right now are my couch. Everybody’s tired of it,” said Mark Gill, the President of Solstice Studios which is currently the distributor of Unhinged. “The thing that occurred to us in terms of positives is that we would be the only movie in theaters. So it’s not ‘Hey, do you want to go to the movies?’ It’s ‘Hey, do you want to go to the movie?’”

Do you think that the movie will be successful in getting released in cinemas, in spite of the pandemic? Will people go out to see it? Let us know! 

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