Russian police seek to question Alexie Navalny

Alexie Navalny: Russian police said on Friday said that they will ask Germany to allow their police officials to seek questions to Russian Opposition politician and anti-corruption activist Alexie Navalny who is reported to be poisoned and was treated in Germany


Navalny fell sick on board flying to Moscow

The 44-year-old Alexie Navalny fell sick after boarding the plane in Siberia and was hospitalized there before being flown to Berlin. It was reported by Germany that they have found ‘unequivocal evidence’ that the opposition leader was poisoned with a nerve agent. Although the Russian Government rubbished Germany’s reports claiming that their doctors found no trace of the nerve agent Novichok.


Russia preparing for the team for Germany

Ever since, the Siberian Government is finding traces of every movement of Alexie Navalny, while in the meantime Russia is preparing for the list of the officers including an expert to find the real cause behind the illness and to prove the non-reliability of the German report on the poisoning.

Alexie Navalny

The case has now become an international affair

The case has now become the topic of international awareness. The legitimacy of the Russian Government is being questioned and there is stress on the Russian Government to carry out a criminal investigation against the case. But the country has still not revised the criminal investigation for the case as they are still claiming that the Russian doctors have not found any trace of poison. Russia has complained about the inability to check the medical data of the opposition leader as those are restricted by Germany.

Siberian Police is consistently doing a check on the passengers that are traced who was on the flight from Tomsk to Moscow, the same flight Navalny falls sick on August 20. Supporters are suspecting that Alexie Navalny was poisoned with a cup of tea which he consumed in ‘Vienna Coffeehouse’ at the airport of the city of Tomsk.


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