Saginaw Grant: The Native American actor passes away

Saginaw Grant

Saginaw Grant was perhaps one of the most known faces in the realm of Native American representation in the world of cinema. It has been revealed that this great personality has died in a private medical facility in Hollywood, California. He was 85 years of age. Hence, let us try to look at his legacy.


The actor is known for being in roles such as The Lone Ranger, The Fastest Indian and many other roles. The news of his death was broken out by his publicist, Lani Carmichael. She ended up revealing it to the world and said that he had passed away peacefully in his sleep. It was further revealed that he died because of natural causes.


Saginaw Grant: A life well lived

He was born in the year 1936. But, his foray into acting began way after the same. He first appeared in a movie called as War Party which starred Billy Wirth, Kevin Dillon and more. Now, at the end, he has about 60 acting credits to his name.

When we are talking about Sagninaw Grant, we have to speak about The World’s Fastest Indian. In this movie he appeared opposite Anthony Hopkins. The next and another famous role was The Lone Ranger where he appeared opposite the great Johnny Depp.

Let us look at his earlier acting credits which include The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles, Harts of the West, The Lazarus Man, The Last Frontier, Nash Bridges and Baywatch. Grant has also been active in comedies such as My Name Is Earl, Shameless, Community, The League, Workaholics, Baskets, and Veep.

We had all loved his appearance in the American Horror Story and Breaking Bad. The publicist has also ended up revealing that a memorial will be held for the actor in LA. But she has not revealed the time and the place.

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