Sarah Harding Dead at 39: The Girls Aloud singer

Sarah Harding

Girls Alound singer, Sarah Harding passed away Sunday morning because of breast cancer as it has been released by her mother. She was 39 years of age. Now, in this article, we are going to let you know all about her and her musical group. Therefore, stick on around to find out more about it.


Let us talk about Girls Aloud for a second. Girls Aloud was the biggest selling Girl Group of the 21st century. They scored about 21 top 10 UK singles between the years of 2002 – 2012. These hits also included 4 top ones. Hence, it makes it one of the most famous and prolific musical groups of the 21st century.


Sarah Harding: Was diagnosed with Cancer

We should let you know Sarah was diagnosed with Cancer last summer when she revealed it to the world. She had also said that the Cancer had shifted to other parts of her body. This cancer eventually ended up taking her life.

The news of her death was revealed by her mother. She took to Instagram to reveal the devastating news. Her mother described Sarah as a beautiful daughter who was a bright, shining star. One of the band members, Nadine Coyle also said that the news was absolutely devastating to hear.

On Instagram she wrote, “I can’t think of words that could possibly express how I feel about this girl and what she means to me. I know so many of you will be feeling this way,”.

Many people do not know this but she was a contestant on Popstars: The Rivals. This wanted to assemble a new boy or girl band which ended up being Girls Aloud.

One of the judges said, “She was always fun and the life and soul of the party. Anytime she came to Dublin in the early days, we went out to the Pod nightclub and would be the last to leave.”.

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