Say I do- Gabriele Bertaccini talks about changed the view of love? What is the show all about? Why is it getting so much attention?

Say I do

Gabriele Bertaccini  – “Say I do” is an American reality show television series produced by producers of Queer Eye especially made for queer eye fans. The series is originally broadcasted on July 1, 2020, on Netflix having in total eight episodes. The series follows the wedding of eight couples hosted by Jeremiah Brent, the interior designer, Thai Nguyen, fashion designer and, Gabriele Bertaccini, the chef. The show has already got much attention and love from the viewers and has been rated 8/10 on IMDb.
The basic concept of the show:
Each episode presents a story of different couples and their planned dream wedding. The host also known as experts take a few days to help one of the partner to plan a surprise wedding for their beloved. Altogether, the experts bring the dream wedding of couples to reality be it any theme obviously couples have the right to tell the experts about their plans so far. Then accordingly, the expert “trio” plans a big day for the couple from wedding outfits to big feasts to the decoration everything is taken care of by the experts.
Moreover, the show allows the couples to narrate their love stories and deal with real-life issues in a relationship like death, addiction, adoption, and more.


Say I do


The show started off with the story of Marcus and Tiffany

Episode 1: Marcus and Tiffany

Gabriele Bertaccini – Marcus wanted to plan a surprise wedding for Tiffany to bring back the lost spark in their relationship. They met in college days and got married seven-year back but everything got messed up on their special day. Again, they planned to get married but to in order to commemorate her father’s death, Tiffany wore a black dress designed by Thai.
This is how the show continues and the upcoming episodes will have a story of the following couples:
Episode 2: Michael and Alex
Episode 3: Nikko and Amber
Episode 4: Melvin and Mattie
Episode 5: Joe and Kerry
Episode 6: Jason and Jonathan
Episode 7: Bruce and Essie
Episode 8: Skyler and Randy

Hopefully, there will be more seasons of ‘Say I Do’ soon.


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