Schumacher: The new documentary by Netflix


We have all heard about the name of Michael Schumacher. Well, it seems that we will be able to see the life of this legend in the new documentary. The rights to make this documentary has been picked up by Netflix and the release date for the same has already been announced. Therefore, this is the perfect opportunity to talk about this movie. So, let us get on with it.


Now, firstly, let us start with the name of the documentary. The name is Schumacher. It has been picked up by Netflix and the release date has been announced as September 15th. The directors for the film has also been released. They are Hanns-Bruno Kammertöns, Vanessa Nöcker and Michael Wech. Now, that you know all the particulars of the movie, let us start by asking what it is.


Schumacher: The life of the legend

People have been asking what will this movie contain? What is the angle of the movie? So, it has been revealed that the movie contains interviews with his family, his wife and many others. There are also interviews from some of the very notable people from this sport of F1. Some of these names have also been revealed, they are: Jean Todt, Bernie Ecclestone, Sebastian Vettel, Mika Häkkinen, Damon Hill, Flavio Briatore and David Coulthard.

The filmmakers have also had the access to some of the archived material. We gotta say that this archive material is something that most people do not have access to.

It will showcase how this person went on to become the greatest F1 driver in the history of the sport. This is because he has won 91 races and 7 world victories. He ended up suffering through a severe brain injury in the year 2013 and has been in recovery ever since.

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