Search Party Season 3: How did the season end? What was the story line? (Series Explained)

Search Party Season 3 is a mix of satire and thriller. Although the show got filmed in 2018, It is still relevant with the current political climate of US. Search party is a strong satirical take on the white privilege.


Search party shows how white people have an upper hand ‘given’ privilege. And how they take it for granted and feel no responsibility towards it. And how the system actually favours them.


But what will happen if somehow this privilege is put into question? What if the system can no longer protect this previous? What if deliberately or under pressure the system had to be just?
Search party is a show of social commentary. It focuses on 2 bright young copy and how did given the justice they deserve for all the crimes they have committed. It is an absolutely engaging courtroom drama.

Search Party Season 3

Search Party Season 3:

Season 3 of search party is the story of two white millennials named Dory and Drew. The show starts with them getting arrested for a first degree murder. As a result of huge media attention and coverage, the case becomes a popular high-class case.
This show is not an usual story. It has major twists and turns, it many ups and downs. Above all the story is not very much predictable and so are the characters.

Season three not only has important lead characters, it has important supporting characters. These characters actually are a very important aspect of the show. The two friends of the main characters, Elliott and Portia, are interesting to watch. They are mostly responsible for bringing comic element in the story.
They too can be the suspects of murder or maybe an accessory for murder their friends did.

How did the season three end:

Season three ends with dory and drew getting convicted for the crimes they have committed. They are sent to jail. Although we get to see how the justice system actually favours the privileged. And how the system is actually very much responsible for the white privilege and how people exploit it.


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